Waiting for Acceptance

By: Autumn Elizabeth, Editor in Chief 

When the Searching Sophia’s Pockets team and I planned out the themes for this year, I had high hopes for this month’s theme. I thought I would be writing posts about getting accepted into grad school, and the ways that acceptance would allow me to open up my spiritual journey.I had also hoped that my Lenten practices would have been able to provide me with a post about accepting my new path, my calling.

I have to accept however, that the universe seems to have other plans. Today, after my Lenten social media hiatus, I am forced to face acceptance of a totally different kind.

It seems that what I am accepting this month is the unknown, which seems like it should be easy since I just wrote about it for the blog Tiny Buddha. The thing is sometimes it is hard to take our own advice, and sometimes the weight of trying to accept our current reality feels crushing.


For me, pushing for acceptance, even pushing myself to accept the chaos in my life, is not really effective. I have found that acceptance tends to come when I stop worrying about it. So now I am trying to relieve the weight, remove the stress, and just let acceptance happen. I pray not so much for the strength to accept my current situation, but the wisdom to accept myself as I am, and the patience to give myself time to accept the changes and the chaos in my life and my future. I also pray that each of you give yourselves those gifts as well.