Success and Modesty

Today’s post comes from our regular contributor David Etim, who is writing from Lagos, Nigeria. David provides deep insights that show us that modesty and success do not have to be opposite in our lives. in fact, David believes that there is  a way to see modesty and success as linked to one another, that a type of modest success exists.

modestsuccessIn all honesty, my life as an individual has been dramatically influenced by people whose lifestyle have been moderate both in the Bible and in the secular world such as: Rick Warren, David Oyedepo, and Bill Gates, just to mention a few.  I believe my worth would have been far less than what it is today without access to the life-changing stories of these men. When the spirit of modesty influences a heart, it will be reflected in the way the person lives, and leads them to a success rooted in modesty.

The Oxford Dictionary defines “Modesty” as “showing regards for conventional decencies.” I am of the belief that modesty is not thinking less of myself; it is thinking of myself less. It is also my belief that living a modest life will make me very successful and productive.

In my banking days when I was in a training, one of my course-mates said to me, “Etim, your lifestyle does not fit our environment.” He meant that I lived more modestly than the rest.  When the course ended, I was singled out as not only the youngest in that course as one of the top three in the whole course. My modest lifestyle did not go unnoticed. Modesty pays! Even the bible notes modesty and rewards it, according to Gen. 6:9-10: “Amidst all mankind at that time, God singled out Noah…….He tried always to conduct his affairs according to God’s will.”

There is no way around it. Modesty and success are not opposite, but in my life at least, modesty has brought success. So I say, to God alone be all the glory!