15 Ways to Start Over

By: Jenni Taylor

  1. Be thankful. Journals, happiness jars, or even just an alarm set to remind you to be thankful for something for 10 seconds every day.
  2. Don’t be thankful, but be honest. The voice listening to those socially-unacceptable emotions is not worried about your piety or your artificial gratitude. It wants to have an honest conversation. Honesty in hard times is still just as worthy as the thankful thoughts in the good times.
  3. Set schedules. Scheduling will help you stop feeling guilty when you know you have set aside time for the important things. You can breathe a sigh of relief that there really are enough minutes in the day to do what needs to be done.
  4. Don’t set schedules. Time is not set in stone. There are days when freedom is more important than detailed plans, and when these out-of-hand, wild days happen, be accepting. Need ideas for a wild day? Here’s 14 ways to start a new journey!
  5. Dance. There is no “don’t dance” option here. Find music you love, guilty pleasures galore, and dance your butt off.
  6. Find a place. A place filled with comfortable knickknacks or one completely bare- whatever works. Make that place yours, make it uninterrupted, and make it holy. What you think, feel, write, and dream in that place is sacred.
  7. Practice forgiving. Forgiveness is like yoga- it’s an ongoing practice that never becomes perfect, but gets better with time. Forgive in small ways. Forgive the dishes for being dirty when washing is the last thing you want to do, forgive the messy children who ruined your dress, forgive the trains for being late and the meetings that scheduled themselves at an inconvenient times. Forgive, and let go, and then try to do it again.
  8. Only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday. Comparisons are sneaky and ruin…pretty much everything. Stop. You are still just as important as you always have been to the universe, no one else and their successes can change that. You are growing, you are learning, you are changing, and that is beautiful.
  9. Hug trees. Walk by a lake. Look at animals and learn from them. Connect yourself to nature, listen to what it is trying to tell you, protect it as best you can and I promise more peace will come to your soul.
  10. Read. Seriously. Need a suggestion…try one of our longer posts or check out NPR’s Book Concierge
  11. Memorize something. Something funny, something inspiring, something classical or not- but memorize it. Say it out loud, hear how beautiful you sound, feel the accomplishment of doing something poets and storytellers used to do to create magic for yourself and others. The words become your own, second nature, and a strange comfort to say at very surprising times in your life.
  12. Be passionate about something, and then be active about it. Even if it’s just once, like attending a protest for the first time or helping out at a prison. You will never forget it, you will grow, and it will make a difference.
  13. De-clutter. Keep the good stuff, and toss as much as you can of the rest. This goes for thoughts as much as for things.
  14. Write. Type, find a journal, use a pen you like. Share it…or don’t. Fiction, free writes, poems, words anything that lets you see the authentic you.
  15. Be wise. Learn something new this year, from both victories and mistakes, and share it with us here at Sophia’s Pockets. We’re listening.

Seeking Submissions: Rituals

It is that time again! A time for gifts, holidays, candles and festivals! Here at Searching Sophia’s Pockets, we are dedicating this month to the theme of Rituals. Rituals can be as small as what we eat for breakfast, or saying a prayer before dinner, or they can be as grand as a Christmas pageant, or lighting the menorah, either way they are an important part of almost every life, of almost every spiritual journey. Looking at our rituals will give us all new wisdom and insight during this busy season,  so we are asking for your submissions on rituals this month.

If you are stuck for where to start your submission, here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. What are your daily rituals? How do they affect your life?
  2. How do rituals help you on your spiritual journey?
  3. How do rituals help you cope with pain, tragedy, or loss?
  4. How have you changed your rituals to reflect your life, your passions and your sense of justice?

We want to know! The world wants to hear your wisdom!

With Wisdom, Love …and Lint,

Autumn and Jenni

Seeking Submissions: Hunger

It is November! A time for food, family, and fall! Here at Searching Sophia’s Pockets, November is also the time to talk about hunger. Physical hunger is a humanitarian issue, it is an issue of faith. But although we will highlight ways to fight hunger, like through Heifer International, we are also going to discuss other kinds of hunger, metaphorical hunger, spiritual hunger, hunger for love, acceptance and more.  So we are asking for your submissions on hunger this month.

If you are stuck for where to start your submission, here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. What are you hungry for in this life?
  2. Have you ever fasted? What was it like?
  3. Read Autumn’s post on fasting, and tell us would you fast for Thanksgiving?
  4. How are you fighting physical hunger in this world?

We want to know! The world wants to hear your wisdom!

With Wisdom, Love …and Lint,

Autumn and Jenni

Seeking Submissions: Fear

It is October! A time for goblins and ghouls, for souls and saints, for mysteries! Here at Searching Sophia’s Pockets, October is also the time to talk about our fears. Fear is an important part of almost every life, of almost every spiritual journey. Fear is universal, it is global, and fear is often where we find wisdom. So we are asking for your submissions on fear this month.

If you are stuck for where to start your submission, here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. What is your greatest fear?
  2. Are you afraid of the future? The past?
  3. Are you afraid of finding the divine? Of not finding the divine?
  4. Do you fear what other’s think of your beliefs? Your life?

We want to know! The world wants to hear your wisdom!

With Wisdom, Love …and Lint,

Autumn and Jenni

Seeking Submissions: Change

The season of change is upon us. School years starting, seasons changing, lives changing.

We want to hear about how change has changed you. We want you to submit your thoughts, ideas, posts, and pictures on change and your spiritual journey.

If you need help getting started, try and answer one of these questions:

  1. How did I envision my spiritual life as a child? How is my reality different than that vision?
  2. How have major life changes, like moving, marriage, loss, divorce, birth or death, shaped my spiritual journey?
  3. How have the changes I see in the world affected my journey?

We can’t wait to hear from you!

With Wisdom, Love …and Lint,

Autumn and Jenni

Seeking Submissions: Movement

Welcome to August!


This month we are focusing on the wisdom and love found in moments of movement.

We can’t wait to read your submissions. Tell us how your faith moves you, how moving has changed your faith. Show us and the world how you have moved on your spiritual journey.

We need your voices, your stories, your wisdom, and… whatever lint you find in your wise pockets.

Submissions: Roots


Deep roots are not reached by the frost. -J.R.R. Tolkien


Another month has begun. This month we are interested in roots. The dirty ones, the deep ones, the roots of faith and the roots of doubt. We want to share all the wisdom we can muster about our roots.

What keeps you rooted in your faith? What have you buried? What lies below the surface of your life, of this world? Answer these questions in a post, photograph, or work of art and then submit them to Searching Sophia’s Pockets!

The topic of roots is as broad as it is deep. We are interested in it all. Roots grow deep. Roots connect us to where we have been in the past and nourish us for the future. Roots are the foundation, the family, the faith that keep us strong, or make us crumble. Roots are what we hide beneath the surface, what no one else can see, but they also influence everything we are.  We all have roots, our faith has roots, maybe even our creative impulses have roots.  Let’s explore them all together!


Strength to Endure

By: Autumn Elizabeth


I love the Ramones. Their music has always spoken to me, so it is no accident that the title of this post is also a title of one of their songs. I have been honored this past month to see the amazing post about the strength of people around the world to bear burdens, to survive hardships, and to live with grace and laughter. Yet I cannot help but notice, that most of these posts deal, in one way or another, with the burden of womanhood.

Since I was a very small girl I have been aware that there are burdens many women know that many men will never face. I have been aware that it requires a special strength in order to endure the label  “girl” and the labels that come with it like “whore”, “sweetheart”, “bitch”. The recent tragic events in Santa Barbara, California, have only made me more aware of what can, and does, happen when patriarchal ideas are taken to a violent extreme.  (For an intelligent summary of this check out Laci Green’s video on Elliot Rodger and the media reaction to this tragedy. It is worth watching but may be quite disturbing for anyone who has a brain and a heart). In light of this, and other tragedies, both personal and global,  it seems that we all must be more aware than ever of the strength it takes live in this world.

But here is what this month has taught me: we women, we who have endured  more than our share for so long, we have the strength to endure. Moreover, I have seen proof that despite tragedy and suffering, the strength of the human spirit, across all genders, sexual orientations, races and religions,  will always endure.  We all have the strength to continue to walk along the  never-ending road toward justice and equality.

Which brings us to this month’s theme of Equality. This month is not just about gender equality, it isn’t just about LGBTQ equality either. This month is about how if we all have the strength we can create of would that treats people with an equal love, equal respect and allows everyone equal rights. So show the world your strength, your commitment to equality and submit now! I, for one, can’t wait to see the hope and strength of spirit this month brings. And let’s all remember the wise words of the Ramones:

I have the strength to endure
And all the love so pure
I have the strength to endure
Because… because…

-The Ramones, Strength to Endure

Strength Submissions

P1030263It is May. Another new month, and another new theme here at Searching Sophia’s Pockets. This month’s theme is Strength and we can’t wait to hear what you have to say about it! Is your faith strong? How do you help yourself feel stronger? What does strong faith mean to you? What does strength mean to you? Who in your life represents strength? These are just some of the questions we hope you will answer with a post, a photo, a work of art, or whatever best represents your global spiritual journey. Submit your posts today and we will share them with the world!

With Wisdom, Love, …and Lint,
Autumn and Jenni

Awaken Your Spirit


Welcome to Awakenings month!

In many parts of the world, plants are beginning to bloom, birds are chirping, everything is coming alive.

So in the spirit of this enlivening sense of the earth’s reawakening, we invite you to submit your posts on this month’s theme of Awakenings.

We would love to see your photos, lists of things that awaken your spirit, or posts about how your have been awakened on your spiritual journey!

Of course, we are also accepting posts for next month’s theme of strength too!

Hope to hear from you all soon!

With Wisdom, Love …and Lint,

Autumn and Jenni

P.S. A few days ago we marked the one year anniversary of Searching Sophia’s Pockets! Thanks for taking this journey with us!