The Top 10 Tradition

We would be remiss to end this month of exploring tradition without addressing the “Top Ten” tradition. As 2013 comes to an end we all want to look back at what the year has held. We have selected ten posts, not because they are the best, or the most popular, but because they have represented some important moments from 2013. Even though we have only selected ten, (hey! it’s tradition!), the top thing to remember from 2013 that everyone’s journey is special and filled with wisdom, love …and lint.

  1. A Crazy World — A beautiful post about life and loss in war-torn Syria
  2. Mosaic — An artistic representation of the beauty and the diversity of humanity
  3. Eating our Values — A post about living one’s values through what one chooses to eat
  4. Creating Spirituality — A poignant post about religion, creativity and spiritual experiences
  5. In Defense of Prayer — A story about grief, confusion, prayer and atheism
  6. Doomsday for DOMA — A post that marks the end of the Defense of Marriage Act in the United States
  7. Heifer International and My Brother’s Gifts —  A sweet post about keeping a loved one’s spirit alive
  8. Manu Temple — A post from Jenni Taylor about a beautiful exchange in India
  9. Strangers and Angels — a post from Autumn Elizabeth about a beautiful exchange in Chicago
  10. The Proverbial Women —  the post that started it all…


Today’s post is from gifted artist Yvonne Osei. She comes to us as a Webster University alumna, with degrees in Art and International Studies. More of her incredible work can be found on her website. Her post for us today comes in the form of an acrylic painting titled Mosaic, and a few words about the painting and her journey as an artist. Enjoy!


Mosaic, as the name suggests, is a painting consisting of  fragments of little strokes of color to suggest a crowd. The idea of togetherness as well as individuality are both essential components of the painting. This piece highlights that although as human beings we all have our personal identity and intrinsic uniqueness, we create a resounding statement when we work and stand together as one.

My creativity is nourished constantly by my day-to-day interactions with people and environments. I experience a sense of self-discovery and a strong establishment of self identity when I learn from others; they inform my art making.

Being creative is a lifestyle and an ongoing adventure of learning to see, smell, feel and hear effectively. It is intertwined with the way I view the world.

Creativity through art is a precise, interesting and universal way of communicating ideas. It is the manifestation of our inner creations. As an artist, I am invested in using the fine arts as a way to solve problems in our shared world. I am dedicated to utilizing  visual art and design concepts, two globally understood mediums of expression, to achieve global solidarity.