New Things In The New Year

Happy 2015!

We here at Searching Sophia’s Pockets have some exciting news to announce for the new year!

First of all, we have moved to our own domain, so this means you can now find us at! Everything else remains the same, but this switch will help other people find us more easily, and it means less typing for you!

Second, we are beyond thrilled to introduce the first-ever Searching Sophia’s Pockets Interns: our Writing Intern, Nermine Mohamed, and our Social Media Intern, Will O’Brien!

Nermine, Our Writing Intern

Nermine, Our Writing Intern

Will, Our New Social Media Intern

Will, Our New Social Media Intern

 You may recognize Nermine’s name from such posts as Afraid of Liking Loneliness Too Much and Re-Kindling The Magic In the Ritual. Will is no stranger to Seaching Sophia’s Pockets either as he wrote one of our first guest posts ever, Growing Up Church-ed.

We are very excited to have these two brilliant people share their spiritual journeys with us and with you. Thanks to them you can be on the look out for more posts on Islam and the Middle East, as well as new ways to interact with the Searching Sophia’s Pockets community.

Thanks for joining us for another year of global spiritual journeys!

With Wisdom, Love …and Lint,

Autumn and Jenni

Looking Back, Looking Forward, Beginning Again

By: Autumn Elizabeth

When I look back on 2013, I don’t quite know how to sum up a year of so many highs and lows, of so much loss and so much growth. As I look forward, I still have very little idea what 2014 will hold for me, even though I know it will hold a mid-year move to Paris and lots of continued work in graduate school. As I look back and as I look forward, I find more questions that answers, and yet, the new yer has begun, and I must begin again with it.  

I think that perhaps it is a blessing that I cannot distill the past year into a neat and tidy list of the top events, or a quick two-sentence summary worthy of a late Christmas card.  Surely the years in which we grow the most, the years which forever mark our lives, cannot be so easily summed up.  I have felt deep loss this year, losing several family members and friends. I have felt this lost keenly as I begin a new year in which none of these loved ones will share. I am beginning again, but they are not, at least not in the same way I am.

Yet, this past year has also held some brilliant moments of joy. I enjoyed several publications, I was accepted and began a graduate program, and I flourished in a country that was utterly foreign to me. As deeply as I felt the loss of my loved ones this past year, so have I felt the immense joy of my successes.

This past year has also marked world events of both pain and promise, as I believe many years do. Some causes for which I have prayed and worked have achieved great success, like the end of DOMA, and the return of the Arctic 30, and other causes have seen nothing but sorrow and violence, like the war in Syria.

And what does the future hold? What does it mean to look forward after a year of such uncertainty? As I look forward into 2014, I do see more uncertainty, and yet this does not disquiet me as much as it used to. I could not have predicted many of the events in 2013, and yet the happened and I survived, grieved and rejoiced in them. Looking forward, I expect 2014 will be no different.

I know that loss may come again, but that doesn’t stop me from hoping for joy in the new year.  I still feel the losses from 2013, I am beginning to see how much growth I experienced, and how greatly 2013 will mark me. I am just beginning to comprehend the enormity of last year, of each year and so I begin another year, with all the wisdom, love …and yes even lint, I can muster.

Beginnings, Submissions and You!

A new year has begun, and we need your wisdom more than ever.

Our theme for January is Beginnings. So tell us…how did you begin your spiritual journey? How did you begin your creative work? How did you begin your travels? What are you beginning this year?

We want to hear from you, we want to see photos of what is new in your life, whether is is a photo of the newest member of your family, or your newest piece of artwork. We want to hear how it all started. You can send your submissions to anytime before Jan. 25th. So begin your posts now!

Happy New Year! We look forward to celebrating all that is beginning, and all that has already begun with you!

With Wisdom, Love …and Lint,

Jenni and Autumn