Faith Aloud, Choice, and Change/ Faith Aloud y Opciones y Cambio


This month for our Spare Change Spotlight we are focusing on an organization that is attempting to change the dialogue around reproductive justice.  That organization is Faith Aloud.  Faith Aloud is “The Religious and Ethical Voice for Reproductive Justice”.  This means that they work with and for people of all faiths and spiritual paths to change the dialogue about reproductive justice.

Este mes enfocamos en la organización Faith Aloud. Como dice en suyo sitio de web “Como la gente de fe religiosa y la convicción,Faith Aloud apoya la justicia reproductiva para todas las personas.”

Much like Searching Sophia’s Pockets, Faith Aloud provides a safe space for dialogue. They support people as they explore and understand their reproductive choices through their all-options multi-faith counseling, which can be reached at 1-888-717-5010 (US) or via the website.

Igual como Searching Sophia’s Pockets, Faith Aloud provee un espacio seguro para diálogo. Faith Aloud ofrece apoya a personas quien están haciendo decisiones reproductivas con suyo asesoramiento gratis. Faith Aloud tiene consejeros de muchas fes y todos ofrecen consejos sobre todos opciones reproductivas.

Additionally, during this season of lent, when some people choose to express their views by yelling and shaming women at reproductive health clinics, Faith Aloud has created a choice for peace and support. Their 40 days for Prayer, features prayers focused in supporting choice, health, and those who bravely provide those options.

Durante la estación de Cuaresma, Faith Aloud ha creado un opción por paz y justicia. Faith Aloud tiene 40 Días de Oración para apoyar elecciones reproductivas. Puedes verlos cuando bajas en el sitio de web.

If you would like to donate to Faith Aloud, they always welcome your spare change, but you can also help by sharing their  40 Days for Prayer.  You can also check out the Faith Aloud YouTube page, which has lots of excellent videos on choice, teen sexuality, and more.

Si quieres apoyar Faith Aloud, tu pudieras donar dinero, compartir los 40 Días de Oración, o ver y compartir el canal de YouTube.

We look forward to supporting Faith Aloud, and everyone’s choices, this month with more posts and important discussions.

Esperamos apoyar Faith Aloud, y las opciones de cada uno de este mes con más publicaciones y discusiones importantes. 

Sophia Sighting: Alicante


By: Autumn Elizabeth

Location: Alicante, Spain

ah food…who doesn’t love food? I feel like a lot of important spiritual teachings surround food, whether fasting like Gandhi or feasting like Jesus. This particular dish of Paella was made for me by two amazing people who hosted me for a time in Spain. The dish, like life, is a sumptuous mixture of different ingredients, various tastes and complex sights and smells. There is holiness in the making of this dish, and the sharing of this dish. Comiendo es sabiduría, y cociendo es ternura.  Eating is wisdom and cooking is tenderness.


By: Autumn Elizabeth

A veces necesitamos algo familiar.  El sonido de una palabra reconocida, las vibraciones la risa de un amigo, la sensación de una besa de una amante.  A veces Dios está muy cerca a nosotros. Para mí, en los días buenos, me siento Dios como el abrazo de una mama.

Sometimes we need something unfamiliar. We need something to awaken us to the new and different possibilities before us.Sometimes God is in the places where we don’t expect beauty or love. For me, God can be in the way a plastic bag is blow up against a chain link fence. Sometimes God is in a foreign word I hear cooed over a tiny baby in the subway.