Here are some links to other places we have found bits of holy wisdom. Want to add something? Check out the submissions page!

Colorlines – New for action, with an anti-racist focus

Everyday Feminism – Intersectional feminist news and media

The Simple Way –  Loving God, Loving People, and Following Jesus with Shane Claiborne & CO.

Scarleteen – Sex ed for the real world which means grown-ups need this site too

Feministing – Feminist news source

Faith Aloud – The multi-faith moral and ethical voice for reproductive justice

Rethinking Youth Ministry– Contemplative youth ministry that also applies to grown-ups

A Practical Wedding – Weddings minus the insanity plus the marriage and lots of feminism

Yoga Gangsters– Yoga to empower under-served youth.

Feministe– Good feminist blogging. Enough said.

Flyover Feminism – A global community of underrepresented feminist voices. 

Rosie Says – Feminist blog updated daily, focused on questioning cultural norms.