Sophia’s Pockets is a collection of global spiritual journeys from people of every belief and every country. We share wisdom that defies national borders and transcends religious differences. We believe that through sharing our personal stories we find the things that wisdom carries in her pockets, wisdom that resists boxes and boundaries, which is to say that we believe in wisdom without walls. Join us by  by submitting your own stories of wisdom, by leaving lots of comments, or simply by sharing the site with friends, foes, and strangers.

Sophia’s Pockets grew out of a conversation between co-founders Jenni Taylor and Autumn Elizabeth about feminism, travel, and Christianity, and has evolved into a living, global conversation about life journeys, holy wisdom, and radical love.  We welcome all perspectives equally, and we actively seek to empower underrepresented voices, so don’t be surprised to find conflicting viewpoints, various religious, spiritual  or atheist/non-deist perspectives, and a good dose of resistance in the wisdom we share.


Autumn Elizabeth: Editor in Chief and Co-Founder

 Autumn Elizabeth is a writer, scholar, and outlaw. When not working on Sophia’s Pockets, creating alternative justices, writing fiction for the resistance, learning Irish, practicing German, speaking Spanish, experimenting with community, dismantling oppression, and smashing the patriarchy, Autumn can be found listening to the Ramones while enjoying an abundance of good bourbon. They currently live in San Francisco.


Will O’Brien: Contributing Writer and Assistant Editor

Will O’Brien is Christian, and member of the Disciples of Christ (Christian Church) denomination.When not working, writing, teaching English, studying Arabic, reading veraciously, juggling, following Cardinal’s baseball, or practicing the Oud, Will can be found listening to The Mountain Goats while complaining about the lack of quality bourbon in North Africa. They currently live in Cairo, Egypt.

Jenni Taylor: Co-Founder

Jenni Taylor is a world travelling teacher. Jenni’s a strong believer in passion and justice. After several years of working to guide Sophia’s Pockets, Jenni now focuses on their life in China, but still shares the occasionally bit of wisdom on the site.

Nermine Mohamed: Writing Intern 2015

Nermine is a Muslim from “the huge, crowded and contradictory city of Cairo”. Nermine is currently working on a Master’s degree in Venice, Italy.

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