A Prayer for the Breeze

Today as I sit on the rocky shores of Maui, I am reminded of the breeze I felt on the cliffs of Amalphi, a continent and an ocean away. Sometimes it is the small simple things for which I need to pray and for which I need to show gratitude.

Dear Spirit of Nature,

You have been known by so many names, but what I call you matters little.

Today I pray for the breeze that blows across my face.

This breeze sets me free and yet this same breeze blows across the pacific touching other facs I will never know along the way.

I pray that I may always find time to be grateful for this strong ocean breeze,

For the way it moves me and caresses me, for the way it keeps me in the present.

I do not own the breeze but I am grateful to it and to the world of abundant love that created it.

Today, I pray for the breeze and pray that I may always be present enough to notice it.


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