A Prayer for My Pet


Pets are often solace after a long day. They are our companions, our friends, indeed they are part of our families. Today, we pray for them.

Hey God,

Thank you for working with me and through me to bring my pet into my life.

My pet brings me joy in so many ways.

My pet gives the the opportunity to care for another creature.

My pet offers deep comfort to me when I cry.

Sometimes my pet helps me heal the rifts humans have made in my life.
Other times my pet has helped me be a better example of your love to other humans.

The joy and laughter my pet brings me reminds me that the universe is full of good things, even on the darkest days.

I am so grateful for this creature and its presence in my life.


Like all the prayers on this site, this prayer is just a beginning, so everyone is welcome to modify it, customize it, and re-create to better fit their own journey and beliefs. If you would like to share you re-creations, we welcome you to do so in the comment section, or to submit your reworking of this prayer or your own prayer.   

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