A Prayer for Times of Change

This month we have been looking for the wisdom of change, the wisdom in change, and the ways we can change the world for the better. Sometimes though, we need help to deal with changes; sometimes life gives us more change than we feel we can handle. This is a prayer for those times.

Dear God,

Change is hard. It is not easy to give up my previous plans.
Help me let go of the things that are not longer on my path.

These new things, people, ways of life are scary. They are different and unfamiliar.
Help me find comfort in the beauty of these new aspects of my life.

Sometimes, I want things to change, but they remain the same. Sometimes I do not want change, but it arrives anyway.
Help me see the love of the universe in every situation.

These changes in my life make me feel unstable, like I am on shifting sands.
Help me to find stability in my relationships with those who love me, and in my relationship with you.


As always, please feel free to use this prayer, with any modifications you see fit,  in your places of worship or meditation. If you want to submit your own prayer, check out our submissions page

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