A Prayer For Awakenings

Dear Vibrant Voice of The Universe,

We want to be awake. We yearn for more than humdrum routines and superficial meaning. We want spirit-filling awakenings

We ask to be filled with deep love and awe-inspiring compassion. We ask that your voice wake us up to the beauty and mystery in our lives that we have overlooked. We ask that your voice show us the suffering people, the ravaged earth, and the wounded souls that we have overlooked as well.

We are seekers of wisdom and love. Please help us be awakened to the wisdom and love we already have, and help us stay on paths that leads to more. Help us stay awake to the needs and glory of ourselves and this world.


Want to share your prayers, poems, or thoughts on awakenings? Share them below in the comments section!

About Sophia's Pockets

Sophia’s Pockets is a website dedicated to global spiritual journeys intent on sharing wisdom beyond walls.

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