Doing It

By: Jenni Taylor

I have had so many opportunities to live, work and visit very exciting places. It is hardly ever planned and usually just comes together. People sometimes ask me how I do the things I do, because it tends to look effortless and simplistic. But nothing could be further from the truth. Each wonderful journey has been preceded, or even accompanied by intense amounts of pain and sacrifice. The kind that is personal, the kind that maybe wouldn’t be such a big deal to anyone else but it is to me. I have cried more than I’d like to admit over things that were hard or difficult or just plain lonely.

But my God, has it been worth it. The places I’m able to go, the people I am able to meet. My life is blessed in ways that I cannot even begin to understand. Since I was 7 or 8 years old, I decided I wanted to change the world. No one tells you how lonely and difficult it is, but they don’t tell you how truly amazing it is either.

About Jenni Taylor

Jenni Taylor is about to embark on her next educationally vagabonding journey in Cambodia.

3 thoughts on “Doing It

  1. Wow. I totally understand. People think it is exotic that I have lived, worked and travelled in faraway countries, but they do not understand the sacrifices you have to make, and how often you are an outsider. Take heart, you are not alone, but often you can only truly connect with other travelers who feel the same way.

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