Loose Thread: Home

Loose Threads are conversation starters for this community. This week let’s talk about home.

What does “home” mean to you?

Jenni: “Home, let me go home, home is wherever I’m with you…” Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes, anyone? Great song if you haven’t heard it.

Home is a hard concept, especially when you travel. I just moved to my new “home”, and it’s not home yet. I don’t know when the switch happens, but I’ve seen it before. You get a piece the first time you clean, and another when you invite someone over and there’s laughter or deep conversation involved. There are the days you are bone tired and can’t wait to get back to your bed, no matter how crappy it is, and that makes it a little more like home too. I used to miss home, and then became frustrated because I couldn’t figure out what city, or country for that matter, was home anymore. And while I haven’t totally figured it out yet, I think home right now means contentment. Knowing you are where you are supposed to be, accepting it, embracing it. It doesn’t matter if you can count five stars from your backyard or 500- if you can look up at the sky and feel content, then I think you have found at least a piece of home.

Autumn: Home is a truth each of us writes in childhood; some write their truth from fact and others write their truth from fiction. This distinction is the only irrevocable human divide.

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2 thoughts on “Loose Thread: Home

  1. Home… That’s tough. I once had a professor tell me that you always carry your home within you when you travel. Your ideas, values, thoughts, memories, recipes, sense of humor, etc. are tucked away in a suitcase in your head. And because you can bring it with you, you’re never really alone, and you’re never really “away from home” – just crack open the suitcase.

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